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Digital is no longer an option.
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Go Digital Sask is an initiative by Community Futures Sunrise to support businesses, non-profits, and organizations as they expand their operations online. This includes providing access to digital tools and resources, as well as training and support to help businesses expand their operations, products, and services online.


Go Digital Sask's goal is to help businesses of all sizes to grow and succeed in the digital world.

History of Go Digital Sask

Go Digital Sask was launched in Southeast Saskatchewan at the start of June 2021. The program rapidly grew in popularity with businesses and organizations.


By the 50th day of operations, 50 businesses and organizations had already signed up for the program.

In May 2022, Go Digital Sask introduced Luna, a loveable coffee-craving mascot that would be in charge of the social media content published.

In June 2022, just one year after the program was launched, there were over 150 businesses and organizations signed up for the program.

In November 2022, Go Digital Sask expanded to parts of Southern Saskatchewan including the communities of Coronach, Bengough, Rockglen, Willow Bunch, and surrounding communities.

Business Graphs

Digital is no Longer an Option.
Get Ahead!

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