Community Futures (CF) Sunrise is part of a network of 13 offices in Saskatchewan, 90 across western Canada, and 267 from coast to coast.


Community Futures supports small businesses in rural communities with loans of up to $150,000, tools and training, advice and support. We have been in operation since 1997 and our CF Sunrise office is located in Weyburn. We are governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of people from throughout our region in southeast Saskatchewan.

We are committed to helping entrepreneurs access the capital and training necessary to create and grow their business.



Our services are provided by talented University Students who have a passion for learning and are eager to help. Each of our Digital Consultants is trained in digital marketing, branding, and consulting in order to provide you with a high-quality and insightful experience. Meet our team below!

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Andria Brady

Go Digital Sask Coordinator
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Hallie Bourassa

Digital Consultant
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Vlad Bendasyuk

Digital Consultant
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  • History: Close to 20 years of experience with CF Sunrise in various roles. Have operated several different businesses previously as well as currently. I love all things technology related and believe businesses can benefit from the digital world.

  • Fun Fact: My favorite sport to participate in is roller derby!

  • Major: Marketing

  • After Graduation: After completing my marketing degree, my goal is to either achieve a Masters of Science in Marketing Degree or go to Law School. I haven’t decided!.

  • Fun Fact: I love to teach swimming lessons in the summer and skating lessons in the winter!

  • Major: Marketing

  • After Graduation: Plan on going into Media Production after graduating. Just going to go with the flow and see where I end up in life after school.

  • Fun Fact: I can beat anybody in Mario Kart.


Makayla Matthewson

Digital Consultant
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Chad Baker

Digital Consultant
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  • Major: Marketing


  • After Graduation: I would like to stay in the city for a few years then move back to my home in the southeast corner to settle down and start a family.

  • Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backwards!

  • Major: Graphic Design Technology 

  • After Graduation: I plan on opening my own business to build Brand Strategy for businesses moving forward in today's times.

  • Fun Fact: I have actually worked three 48 hour shifts in my life...something I don't wish to repeat!