Meet the Team

Our services are provided by talented students who have a passion for learning and are eager to help. Each of our Digital Consultants is trained in digital marketing, branding, and consulting to provide you with a high-quality and insightful experience. Meet our team below

Andria Brady1.jpg



Bio: Close to 20 years of experience with CF Sunrise in various roles. Andria has also operated several businesses. She loves all things technology related and believes businesses can benefit from the digital world.

Fun Fact: Andria's favorite sport to participate in is roller derby!

Community Futures

General Manager

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Bio: Vlad completed Edwards School of Business in 2022 majoring in Marketing. Vlad plans to continue his career in digital marketing and eventually start his own digital consultant company. He has plenty of wild dreams including producing and directing his own movies and starting multiple businesses.

Fun Fact: Vlad can beat anybody in Mario Kart and he loves conspiracy theories.

Project Lead

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Major: Marketing

Bio: After completing a degree in Marketing, Hallie's goal is to attend law school and become a lawyer. One day she would love to open up her own practice in Southeast Saskatchewan.

Fun Fact: Hallie loves golfing in the summer with her family.

Senior Digital Consultant




Major: Human Resources


Bio: Makayla would like to stay in Saskatoon for a few years then move back home in the Southeast corner to settle down and start a family.

Fun Fact: Makayla can say the alphabet backward!

Senior Digital Consultant




Major: Marketing


Bio: After graduation Anthony plans to continue working in digital marketing and specialize in social media. Helping individuals with their brand presence online.

Fun Fact: Much like the film 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. Anthony's grandparents live beside him and have a Greek flag outside their house.

Digital Consultant

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Major: Elementary Education

Bio: After graduation, Reece plans on working for a couple of years as teacher and eventually return to school to complete a marketing degree.

Fun Fact: Reece has a twin sister!

Digital Consultant

Christine Jakes Head Shot.jpg



Bio: Christine has owned and operated several businesses in the past and one currently. With experience coaching start-ups and established businesses to success. She loves the versatility of the digital world and the ease with which it aids business maintenance and growth. She also merges the digital world with her creative side for hobbies such as crafting and pottery.

Fun Fact: Christine can wiggle her ears without moving any part of her head.

Digital Consultant

Kiera Pittman - Head Shot.jpg



Major: Accounting

Bio: After graduating, Kiera plans to obtain her CPA designation. Afterwards, Kiera plans to move back to her hometown in Southeast Saskatchewan to start a family of her own!

Fun Fact: Kiera's favourite NBA team is the Lakers

Digital Consultant

Natalie - Head Shot.jpg



Bio: Natalie has been involved in education in various roles for the past three decades. She also runs her own business, which specializes in the creation of teaching resources. Natalie enjoys taking classes and watching webinars in her free time since learning is a passion of hers.


Fun Fact: Currently, Natalie is in search of the BEST lobster roll. So far Dave’s Lobster at the Halifax waterfront is in first place.

Digital Consultant

Allyson - Head Shot.jpg


Van Roon

Bio: Allyson has experience managing social media accounts, creating content, and coaching businesses on how to optimize their reach.  Allyson enjoys helping create a brand people will remember.

Fun Fact: Allyson is trying to take her kids to visit every province.

Digital Consultant

Jeff Walters Head Shot.jpeg



Bio: Jeff served in education for over 30 years as a teacher, consultant, and coordinator. Building on his work in educational technology, he assists businesses by growing their digital presence. He operates a video editing and digital content creation business.


Fun Fact: Jeff has visited almost 50% of current MLB baseball parks with hopes to see the rest.

Digital Consultant

Tarryn - Head Shot.jpg

Tarryn McNaughton

Bio: Tarryn grew up on a ranch near Weyburn and now lives near Bengough. Tarryn has experience working across the prairie provinces in the reclamation field and currently serves her communities as an equine-assisted personal development coach.  Tarryn has always enjoyed helping people succeed and enjoys finding new and different ways to do it.  Being a small business owner herself, she understands the excitement and challenges that come with running a business.  

Digital Consultant